NAOC Judging Classes for 2018 National Meet

NAOC Judging Classes
You must be pre-registered 30 days prior to the meet to be judged.
Note: New NAOC judging guidelines were established starting with the 1999 NAOC National Meet. All Best of Class Junior winners with scores of 900 points or more, move to Senior Class. Senior Class Best of Class winners scoring 900 or more points move to Preservation Senior Status where they will be acknowledged each year that they maintain 900 points or more. All unrestored (Class 16) cars receive a recognition award if they meet the guidelines for “unrestored”, but do not receive a First, Second or Third place awards.
Please contact Greg Minges (NAOC Chief Judge) by email at  if you have any questions.  Portions of the NAOC Judging Rules regarding Modified, Street Stock, and Unrestored are provided below to assist you in proper classification of your vehicle.  The complete list of rules are available from the links provided below.

Please register your car in the following junior classes unless your car has received a Best of Class award at a NAOC National Meet from 1999–2017.
Class 1 1897 – 1925
Class 2 1926 – 1939
Class 3 1940 – 1948
Class 4 1949 – 1950
Class 5 1951 – 1954
Class 6 1955 – 1956
Class 7 1957 – 1960
Class 8 1961– 1970 Full size (except Starfire, Jetstar I, & Toronado)
Class 9 1961 – 1966 Starfire / Jetstar I
Class 10 1966 – 1983 Toronado
Class 11 1971 – 1983 Full size (except Toronado) 
Class 12 1961 – 1967 Cutlass / F-85/442
Class 13 1968 – 1983 Cutlass / F-85/442/Hurst
Class 14 Modified
Class 15 Street Stock
Class 16 unrestored

Please register in the following “Senior Classes” if your car has won a Best of Class Junior award at a NAOC National Meet between 1999–2016.
Class 20A Senior Cars 1897-1910
Class 20B Senior Cars 1911-1920
Class 20C Senior Cars 1921-1930
Class 20D Senior Cars 1931-1940
Class 20E Senior Cars 1941-1950
Class 20F Senior Cars 1951-1960
Class 20G Senior Cars 1961-1970
Class 20H Senior Cars 1971-1980
Class 20I Senior Cars 1981-1982
Class 20J Senior Cars Modified & Street Stock

Please register in the “Senior Preservation Classes” below if your car won a Best of Class Senior Award at a NAOC National meet between 2000-2016.
Class 30A Senior Preservation Cars 1897-1910
Class 30B Senior Preservation Cars 1911-1920
Class 30C Senior Preservation Cars 1921-1930
Class 30D Senior Preservation Cars 1931-1940
Class 30E Senior Preservation Cars 1941-1950
Class 30F Senior Preservation Cars 1951-1960
Class 30G Senior Preservation Cars 1961-1970
Class 30H Senior Preservation Cars 1971-1980
Class 30I Senior Preservation Cars 1981-1981
Class 30J Senior Preservation Cars Modified & Street Stock

A Modified vehicle has one or more of the following. (1) A non-original powerplant that is either “high performance” or an increase of 50 cubic inches. (2) Major body modifications. (3) Chromed or dechromed 30% or more. (4) Major change in riding height. (5) “Custom” paint. (6) Hood Scoops. (7) Car set up for racing. (8) Non-stock suspension, other than shocks. (9) Differential other than year of manufacture.

A Street Stock vehicle may not have any of the modifications listed under Modified. A Street Stock vehicle must have dual exhaust. A Street Stock vehicle must have either (1) changes to the sheet metal and trim, or (2) improved carburetion or ignition. Changes which do not affect the vehicle’s “street performance”, e.g., electric fuel pump, 12 volt battery, mag wheels, engine chrome, radial tires, etc. do alone qualify the vehicle for Street Stock.

An unrestored vehicle is one that has no more than two of the following repairs. Each numbered item or portion thereof is considered one repair. Items 1 and 4 may not exceed the quantities listed. IF they do, the entry must move to the Stock/Restored Stock Class. (1) Two panels repainted. (2) New Trunk Interior. (3) One half of seat cushions/backs replaced. (4) Two glass panes replaced. (5) Headliner replaced. (6) New floor covering. (7) Vinyl/Convertible top replaced. (8) Bumpers replaced or rechromed. (9) engine repainted. All qualified cars in this Class will receive recognition, but will not be judged First, Second, Third, or Best of Class awards.

Click here for NAOC Judging Rules
CLICK HERE for information on Classes 
CLICK HERE for Judging Sheet for Original Cars
CLICK HERE for Judging sheet for Modified or Street Stock Cars





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